A Smart Partnership for Safer Buildings
04/01/09 12:59PM | Category: Misc

It is an unfortunate fact that millions of dollars are lost on poorly planned construction projects. However, these days, architects and engineers, the design professionals responsible for preparing the plans and specifications used by contractors, are faced with a new variety of techniques for doing their jobs more successfully. As advances in technology continue to permeate most professional industries, architectural and engineering (A&E) firms are no exception. No longer are architects and engineers using simply old-fashioned hand sketching for creating designs. Today, many A&E firms are turning to simulation modeling to better visualize projects of all kinds, from a small office building, to a massive sports complex. Regal Decision Systems, Inc., known for its simulation modeling expertise, plays a significant role in helping A&E firms create successful construction plans.

Thorough planning is required before costly construction begins on a venue, and that includes a building's evacuation and disaster planning procedures. As clients plan and prepare for natural disasters, technological emergencies, internal and external risks, and terrorist threats, A&E firms are increasingly faced with the task of protecting all aspects of a venue. By incorporating ideas, REGAL and A&E firms are working together to maximize security and minimize threats on new and renovated or expanded facilities and structures. Facilities like prisons, hospitals and nursing homes as well as transportation agencies, airports and transit authorities continue to be a topic of discussion and planning for threat management. By incorporating A&E design documents with simulation testing, REGAL is able to test the actual design of a site for potential problems, avoiding the unnecessary construction of defective structures.

As simulation modeling continues to make its way into the architectural and engineering world, REGAL's combined efforts with A&E firms will also continue to grow, producing smarter and safer buildings.

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