Safety, Security, Synergy
06/01/09 01:12PM | Category: Evacuation

Creating a safe environment can be a difficult task. However, advancements in technology have provided several new applications that significantly aid in providing critical security when it is most needed. Together, Regal Decision Systems, Inc., and S3, a division of Special Operations Technology, Inc., have formed a partnership to develop a unique security division which brings the two companies' reputations and talents into one dynamic synergy.

Through the use of simulations, vulnerability studies, and structured evaluations, the partnership helps clients better identify potential deficiencies and security measures. Once weaknesses are identified, REGAL and S3 then recommend and apply protective measures to rectify or mitigate the vulnerability.

Together, REGAL and S3 have the ability to gather large amounts of meta-data and automate the analysis of that data, which in the end provides clients with the advantage of managing situations at an event level as well as at an incident level. The team also has ability to incorporate smart technology which, in the long run, will notify security officers or possibly law enforcement of suspicious activity. When approached with any scenario, be it a stadium, a school, or a small business complex, REGAL and S3 incorporate both the use of simulation and new advancements in technology to ultimately provide their clients’ security forces with the most advanced tools to make them one of the safest employers on the market.

Through a combination of experience and talent, the REGAL/ S3 partnership packs a significant history. With their team’s backgrounds ranging from retired Secret Service Agents to programmers and analysts, and a repertoire of clients such as the Department of Homeland Security, The Pentagon, and the DEA, their experience is unmatched. REGAL & S3 bring together a synergy which when applied will ultimately save lives and provide a safer environment for not only employers, but for the general public as well.

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