Keeping our Borders Moving
06/01/09 01:14PM | Category: Borders

The Design Team at REGAL continues to work diligently with General Services Administration (GSA) on land ports along the northern and southern U.S. borders. REGAL's BorderWizard tool continues to allow analysts to simulate the arrival and processing of commercial vehicle, passenger vehicle, bus, and pedestrian traffic at any given port and also allows GSA to use the simulation analyses as a decision making reference in planning and designing traffic related parameters for these ports.

Currently, REGAL is working on analyses of the Madawaska, ME border station, Veterans International Bridge in Brownsville, TX, and the Calexico West border station in Calexico, CA. These analyses require site visits which involve collecting data, examining the current design parameters then meeting with A&E firms to review the design analyses and discuss recommendations. The goal is to make certain any port undergoing improvements will be adequately configured to ensure the most efficient movement of traffic not only for today, but in the future as well.

To assist Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials in understanding the capabilities of BorderWizard, REGAL recently held two training sessions which each lasted two days in length. These sessions instructed CBP employees on using the BorderWizard tool to create the layout for a land port and what type of data is required to effectively use BorderWizard. They also were instructed on how to analyze the results of a simulation, make changes, and determine the impact of these changes on the port's operations. With continual increases in border traffic and inspection technology improvements, understanding the advantages to using the BorderWizard simulation tool is extremely beneficial and valuable.

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