Preparing for Growth
06/01/09 01:17PM | Category: StateDept

With consulate facilities all over the world, the U.S. government must not only consider safety and security measures within our borders, but also abroad. Regal Decision Systems, Inc. is part of that effort. For over two years, REGAL has been working with the U.S. State Department to ensure the most efficient and safe operations at consulate facilities in Mexico City, Guangzhou, Taipei, and most recently, London and Santo Domingo.

In late 2008 and early 2009, REGAL visited consulate facilities in London and Santo Domingo to collect valuable data on the facilities' operations including arrival data, processing times and referrals. Using that data, REGAL's simulation tools created accurate models of the facilities that returned information on queuing times and sizes for each consular process, as well as the total time taken from arrival at the consulate facility to exit. Using these models, REGAL then recommends optimal seating configurations, design capacity requirements and processing schedules for higher efficiencies.

REGAL's Pedestrian Flow Tool was used to evaluate the benefit of expanding the London consulate facility to meet the demands of the expected 2013 workload. In March 2009, REGAL met with the U.S. State Department to discuss the London analysis results. The simulation results indicated the window and seating capacities that will be required in future years. As we move forward and the analysis details increase, REGAL will continue to work with the State Department to incorporate the analysis results in the new consulate design.

Also during the month of April, REGAL met with the State Department and Jacobs Engineering to discuss the results of the Santo Domingo analysis. One of the government's main goals at this facility was to study a proposed new facility design to determine if the capacity will be sufficient for the projected future volume. Analysis not only plays a vital role in daily operations, but future planning as well. The Santo Domingo analysis indicated recommendations, which are allowing the design team to reevaluate the design parameters before proceeding with the project. REGAL's simulation programs eliminate the guesswork, and allow for both the government and companies to visualize the impact of a proposed design which ultimately allots for changes before costly construction begins.

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