REGAL's Continued Growth
08/06/09 01:21PM | Category: Misc

As REGAL expands its services and continues to grow from within, so must their surroundings. REGAL is happy to announce that they will be moving to a new office which is centrally located in White Marsh, Maryland.

The new location, 8015 Corporate Drive, Suite M, is currently in the build out phase and will be up and running by mid-August. The construction of their office will showcase REGAL's new smart technology. Phase I of our newly developed security division will include the ability to recognize biometrics such as an employee's fingerprints. Phase II will also plan to utilize smart cameras that have the capability to not only record video and voice, but also take a picture and send it to a cell phone if someone is in the building after the hours of operation. By incorporating these sophisticated items, REGAL's clients will be able to see first hand new cutting edge software and tools. Please feel free to visit REGAL's exciting new expansion and experience several new changes taking place.

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