Expanding Involvement at Ft. Meade High
08/06/09 01:32PM | Category: Evacuation

As previously reported, REGAL was heavily involved in supporting freshman students at Meade High School who enrolled in the Homeland Security Signature Program. This High School, located in Anne Arundel County incorporated a brand new program into it's curriculum this past year. Not only did it create a buzz locally, it even made the newspaper headlines in California. A quote from the Los Angeles Times read; "The long-troubled public high school becomes one of the first in the nation to offer a four-year course in domestic security. The goal: to help graduates build careers in one of America's few growth industries."

REGAL's involvement continued to expand when the entire class incorporated the Evacuation Planning Tool into their own curriculum. Three separate class periods each collected data on three different occasions and came up with an average which included the number of faculty and students who were present on a daily basis. The students also observed to see if exits were accessible, if evacuation routes were posted, and to see if the student body actually knew what to do or where to go if there were an evacuation to take place. As the students reviewed and compiled their data, they then came up with ideas and solutions which included communication, utilization of smart technology, warning lights in the classrooms with different colors for different situations, synchronized routes, and final destination areas to meet.

The students did not stop there! On Tuesday June 9, 2009, four students who represented the 3 separate class periods gave a presentation to the Anne Arundel County Board of Education. The students presented the culmination of their data and captivated the audience which not only included faculty, staff, and members of the Board of Education, but also representatives from Congressmen Dutch Ruppersberger's office. The Meade High students brought their ideas together and created recommendations based on their findings using the EPT program and urged that with the next year's incoming class doubling in size, that changes had to be put in place and they wanted to be the students to implement them. REGAL is proud to announce that on September 25, 2009, the students are taking it to yet another level and will be presenting to the Anne Arundel County Security Council. and REGAL will continue to work closely as they incorporate the Evacuation Planning Tool once again.

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