Growing and Changing to Fit the Clients Needs
10/01/08 10:48AM | Category: StateDept

A key component to the success of Regal Decision's simulation tools is their ability to account for a significant number of different variables. Because of the complexity of the State Department's tasking in early 2007, REGAL expanded its proven Pedestrian Flow Tool to include several new variables to provide more accurate and flexible modeling.

REGAL has since completed analyses for three State Department consulate locations: Mexico City, Guangzhou and Taipei. Using pedestrian processing data specific to each facility, the enhanced Pedestrian Flow Tool provided REGAL the ability to create more precise models that return information on queuing times and sizes for each consular process, as well as the total time taken from arrival at the consulate facility to exit. The software generates an animation of the simulation to visualize the actual pedestrian flow and any problem areas in the building layout. Using these models, REGAL recommends optimal seating configurations, design capacity requirements and processing schedules for higher efficiencies.

Given the successful completion of these analyses and their acceptance by the State Department, REGAL continues to work with the State Department on additional facilities and has recently been awarded the Consular Flow Study for the Santo Domingo Embassy. As their clients’ needs change, REGAL adapts and creates new software, databases, variable management tools and output tools to fit those needs.

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