REGAL Employees move into Presidential HELO Facility
10/01/09 01:44PM | Category: Military Support Division

As mentioned previously, REGAL began working with the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps under their Seaport E contract as the Prime Contractor in 2006. One of REGAL's task's includes providing the H-1 Aircraft Program Office (PMA-276) with logistics management and supportability analysis in specialized areas including Performance-Based Logistics (PBL). Our support services cover all areas of infrastructure required to field and maintain the H-1 Legacy and Upgrade aircraft.

This past summer, the REGAL H-1 Helicopter Support Team has moved into new office spaces at Naval Air Station in Patuxent River, MD. The entire PMA-276 Program Office relocated into the Presidential/H-1 Helicopter Support Facility (pronounced "Fish"). This is a secure aircraft hangar and office complex across the flight line in a quiet and somewhat remote area of the base. The facility was built a couple of years ago in preparation for the introduction of the VH-71D Presidential Helicopter into service. However, due to economic constraints and with the recent decision to cancel the project, the facility was only partially occupied. This intern allowed realignment of remaining office spaces leading to the H-1 Program Office taking advantage of gaining access to the upgraded facility for more than 130 personnel including the REGAL Team that is embedded with their government customers. The nearly new state of the art complex provides an infrastructure of new furniture in cubical offices affording more space, with additional amenities to make our employees feel even more comfortable.

Getting fully acclimated to their new work spaces, our Team members like their new accommodations and feel that it provides a much better environment to perform their work and interact with the entire H-1 Team.

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