REGAL Teams up with NCS4
10/01/09 01:54PM | Category: Evacuation

REGAL is happy to announce a partnership with the University of Southern Mississippi's NCS4 program. The National Center for Spectators Sports Safety and Security (NCS4) is part of an academic program which was established in 2006, and is recognized as the leader in addressing potential threats and risks to the safety and security of sporting events. The University of Southern Mississippi's National Center for Spectator Sports Safety & Security is an outgrowth of a grant initiative funded by the Mississippi Office of Homeland Security and Mississippi Emergency Management Agency.

The Department of Homeland Security has identified arenas and stadiums as possible targets for terrorists to attack. Additionally there are over 20,000 stadiums, arenas and open sport complexes in the United States. Sport venues and multi-purpose facilities are not only used to hold sporting events but also music concerts, graduation ceremonies, disaster and evacuation shelters. As previously experienced, catastrophic events such as a hurricane can impact these complexes, and if not planned for properly; potential mass casualties and severe economic loss could possibly be evident.

The NCS4 and REGAL team will work closely together and move towards a goal utilizing table top exercises to support sporting events and wide area evacuations. The team will also develop solutions to create high level scenarios for training purposes and will have the ability to answer what if scenarios. First responders and emergency managers will have the ability to train their teams for multiple situations including evacuation from threatened areas, single buildings or entire complexes. Fire and Police chiefs as well as emergency managers will have the ability to gather around a large touch table which will show appropriate views of the area under consideration. Different scenarios can be simulated into the scene and the tool will ultimately provide the opportunity to visualize and understand sporting event planning as well as emergency planning.

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