REGAL Consulting & Security Awareness
12/01/09 02:35PM | Category: Misc

As REGAL continues to expand its security division, additional steps are being taken to expand the consulting portion. With a focus on creating a safer campus environment, REGAL has begun the process of visiting different campuses to collect data, observe requirements, and provide solutions. After a long research process, REGAL has developed a broad list of solutions and products to assist the daily operations of campus security. Through a combination of experience and skill, REGAL's forte includes everything from initial surveys to utilizing smart technology and incident command software.

Schools without a doubt need to be safe and secure; however, they should also be sufficiently "porous" to permit staff and students to work and learn. In today's society, most educational institutions have the ability to balance this need while creating an emphasis on mitigating potential environmental, structural or sociological threats. REGAL's goal is to ensure this ability is met by utilizing current standard safety and protective procedures while incorporating new technology that render a schools environment safe. To ensure this goal is met, REGAL has created several steps which involve security experts providing detailed reports that are generated from, "walk-through's" of various structures, survey assessments of the campus, and ultimately assisting with updates of current campus safety plans highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the school.

REGAL's team will provide an in-depth report on basic concepts which help establish an effective program that best reduces vulnerabilities. These reports, provided by REGAL's experts, will explain reasons for the use of various safety and protective management concepts and, more appropriately, the basis for their adaptation to the campus environments. An underlying premise for this is the notion that protective/safety concepts can be adapted to further develop current safety plans to reduce or mitigate vulnerabilities at and around all educational institutions. REGAL's survey review will primarily focus on general concepts used by public safety and security experts that conduct site and structural security surveys which ultimately will reduce risk and create safer surroundings.

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