REGAL announces development of PRE-EMPT
02/01/10 02:44PM | Category: EPT

As REGAL's Evacuation Planning Tool (EPT) continues to expand, its enhancements, features, and capabilities are currently evolving the tool into the Emergency Management field. With that said, REGAL has added to the EPT Suite, and would like to announce the development of PRE-EMPT.

The PRE-Emergency Management Planning Tool (PRE-EMPT) is the newest member to the EPT Suite, and offers evacuation and loading planning features in the same graphical user interface as the original EPT software. PRE-EMPT will offer planning from the internal building evacuation to the road networks during an evacuation. This capability will give stakeholders the opportunity to perform a variety of scenarios on different levels while incorporating surrounding traffic networks and those concerns. PRE-EMPT will continue to have the core capabilities of evacuation simulation that the EPT came to be known for; however the end user will now be able to plan for the full cycle of a mass evacuation.

As REGAL continues to work with government agencies on existing capabilities; some additional enhancements to the EPT Suite will include:

  • Plume Dispersion Modules
  • Human Behavior Modules
  • Explosion modules
  • Fire Modules
  • Virtual Table Top Exercises (T3)

PRE-EMPT's capabilities will give the stakeholders the ability to capture a visual picture of entities leaving in their vehicles, the use of mass transit, as well as emergency equipment responding to the scene or incident. This new focus will not only allow first responders to train on large area scenarios, but will provide the opportunity to prepare for the unknown issues that arise on road networks. Ultimately, once a specific scenario is developed, community and first responder leaders will gain the foresight through simulation to train and plan accordingly.

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