More to Just Being Prepared
02/01/10 02:50PM | Category: Airports

Daily threat warnings seem to be appearing more and more frequently. With the increasing evidence of intelligence and the uprise of recent government warnings, it seems Al Qaeda is gearing up and planning for additional attacks. As quoted from an article by Matthew Harwood of Security Management Magazine, these threat warnings come at the same time that U.S. security officials last week reported an uptick in suspicious activity within the U.S. aviation sector, ABC News reports.

The alert comes during a week in which American law enforcement officials described an "unusually high" number of people on the no-fly list attempting to board flights to or in the United States.

At least six people on the no-fly list were denied boarding in a 48-hour period between Saturday and Monday this week, according to the officials.

Two of the six were stopped at London's Heathrow Airport.

Matthews's article also reported that the U.S. intelligence officials warn that the same al Qaeda group that attacked a U.S. airliner on Christmas Day has also trained female suicide bombers to attack Western targets. With that said, it has become more and more evident that our society needs to be prepared sooner rather than later. Today's stake holders not only have the responsibility to test their emergency management plans, but they also must implement the plans as well. As these plans continue to be developed and tested, REGAL will maintain their support to local schools and organizations as well providing the tools necessary to make sure that stakeholders are successful in their emergency management tasks.

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