REGAL Continues Efforts to Improve Stadium Security
04/01/10 02:55PM | Category: EPT

As terrorists strive to upset economies and find new ways to cause destruction, the Department of Homeland Security has identified arenas and stadiums as possible targets for attacks. Sport venues and multi-purpose facilities are not only used to hold sporting events but also music concerts, graduation ceremonies, disaster, and evacuation shelters. Currently there are over 20,000 stadiums, arenas and open sport complexes in the United States, and as previously experienced, catastrophic events such as a hurricane can impact these complexes and their surrounding environments. If certain measures such as planning, training, and educating from lessons learned are not incorporated properly; potential mass casualties and severe economic loss could possibly be evident.

REGAL's partnership with the University of Southern Mississippi and the National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS4) has led to the developing and maturing of several new and existing opportunities. One of the partnerships program Sport E-Vac, is not only growing in popularity but is gaining awareness in the media's eye as well. Sport E-Vac is valuable tool that combines overall first responder and security training with advanced technologies one of which includes REGAL's Evacuation Planning Tool.

As quoted from an ESPN article by Paula Lavigne, the solution to keeping terrorists toting bombs in their briefs out of a football stadium might be in Hattiesburg, Miss., a city whose Web site boasts its many accolades for being one of the best places to retire, and is, coincidentally, the on-again-off-again retirement residence of Brett Favre.

PRE-EMPT's capabilities will give the stakeholders the ability to capture a visual picture of entities leaving in their vehicles, the use of mass transit, as well as emergency equipment responding to the scene or incident. This new focus will not only allow first responders to train on large area scenarios, but will provide the opportunity to prepare for the unknown issues that arise on road networks. Ultimately, once a specific scenario is developed, community and first responder leaders will gain the foresight through simulation to train and plan accordingly.

This southern town of 50,000 people is also the home of the University of Southern Mississippi, where some of the most cutting-edge research in sports stadium security is under way at the National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security. The center is bringing together all the major professional sports leagues, the NCAA and government security agencies for a first-ever sports security conference in August in New Orleans.

The NCS4's director went on to say that technology really holds the key to stronger security. Better technology at the gates, better sensors away from the stadium, back in the tailgating area, back at the train station, bus station, parking lot, that's the future.

The goal is to "harden the target" -- that's anti-terrorism speak for improving security -- through technology without turning game day into a trip through the Transportation Security Administration line at New York's LaGuardia Airport.

REGAL is excited to be a partner of this valuable program and is looking forward to assisting in securing America's Stadiums. Click here for a full version of the article.

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