Continued Support with TSWG and DHS S&T
04/02/10 08:02AM | Category: EPT

As REGAL continues to move forward the EPT and Pre-EMPT's capabilities are growing exponentially, and the implementation as well as the training aspect is growing also. REGAL is proud to be working closely with the Technical Support Working Group (TSWG) and Science & Technologies Department of Homeland Security on this valuable mission.

Currently, new features are being developed under a task with the Emergency Management Division of Patuxent River Naval Base. One of the newer capabilities will replicate the impact of thousands of people evacuating onto existing road networks. Once fully developed, the Emergency Management Division and the local First Responder community will train on emergency procedures for the upcoming 2011 Air Show.

To incorporate a full cycle of service, REGAL is in the process of forming a training program which will involve future implementation and table top training sessions. Certain goals for the training include:

  • Defining Choke Points at the Macro Level Through the Simulation Process
  • Once Choke Points are Defined, Implement Training Procedures Utilizing the Evacuation Planning Tool and the Pre-Emergency Planning Tool
  • Develop a Curriculum that is Concise and Supports the Overall Mission
  • Develop a Two Day Training and Table Top Session Involving Specific Scenarios
  • Develop a "Take Away" Package With Visualization and CD's from Lessons Learned

REGAL is extremely excited and eager to finalize the formation of this training group, and is looking forward to creating a team which will involve backgrounds ranging from First Responders to directors of institutions for National Preparedness.

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