Customs & Border Protection (CBP) Outbound Travel
04/02/10 08:04AM | Category: Borders

CBP is tasked daily with many projects and most recently through the General Services Administration (GSA) has requested REGAL's assistance in utilizing BorderWizard for an outbound analysis. REGAL's Design Team is currently performing a study of the Bridge of the Americas (BOTA) border crossing at the El Paso, TX Port of Entry. The Bridge of Americas consists of mainly two bridges that cross the Rio Grande and connect the United States and Mexico bordering cities.

REGAL's Design Team will work directly for CBP's Office of Field Operation's which is in support of the CBP Interdiction Technology Directorate. REGAL will perform an analysis that will study the movement and circulation of outbound passenger occupied vehicles and commercial traffic. Utilizing BorderWizard, simulation runs will be analyzed with varying processing times and locations for License Plate Readers as well as other customer identified technologies.

REGAL's study and results will be used to update an existing baseline experiment as well as create a proposed design experiment which includes:

  • A Facility Layout of the Proposed Port
  • Design Parameters and Processing Assumptions
  • Processing and Referral Input Data
  • Extrapolation of the Provided Data
  • Evaluate the Port's Capability to Handle Future Demand
  • A Report Generated from BorderWizard Summarizing
    Recommendations and Corresponding Data
  • Exit/Entry Control Systems and Applied Processes

REGAL is excited to be involved in this recent project, and values it's relationship with the Custom Border Patrol Agency and the General Services Administration.

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