Continued support for the Santo Domingo Consulate
06/14/10 02:28PM | Category: StateDept

With consulate facilities all over the world, the U.S. government is tasked with the responsibility to consider safety and security measures at all times. Providing the most efficient and safe operations at consulate facilities is one of the government's main objective, but making sure a new facility will be adequately sized for future growth is another. As a relationship with the U.S. State Department continues to grow, Regal is extremely happy to be a part of this effort, ultimately ensuring the most efficient and safe operations both within our borders and abroad.

In early 2009, REGAL began working on the Santa Domingo project and in turn visited the facility to collect valuable information. One of the State Department's main goals was to study a new facility design and determine if the capacity will be sufficient for the projected future volume. REGAL's first analysis of this facility indicated and highlighted recommendations needed to sustain future growth and ensure an adequate operating environment.

Since 2009, REGAL visited the facility once again and performed a similar analysis to test the constraints of the revised facility design that would accommodate all consular processing. The analysis indicated that the new facility design was in fact adequately sized and would be able to meet the demands of the anticipated applicant volume. Each phase of the application process was evaluated which included all window processes and seating capacities.

Utilizing REGAL's simulation tools, analysts have the ability to create accurate models that can return information on queuing times, sizes for each consular process, and the total time it takes for an individual to go through the process. REGAL's analysis plays a vital role in daily operations and planning as well. REGAL's simulation programs eliminate guesswork, save time and money and allot for decision makers to visualize the impact of a facility before costly construction begins.

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