REGAL assists in planning for Moscow Consulate
08/10/10 01:21PM | Category: StateDept

REGAL is pleased to announce that we are supporting the architectural firm EYP in the design build of the Consular Facility to be built in Moscow. In January 2008, planning of the project was included in a Long Range Overseas Building Plan and is set to start construction in 2011.

REGAL's main task is to conduct two analyses to determine the number of windows and seats required to satisfy certain measures of effectiveness (MOEs) at the Moscow Consular Facility. The analysis will focus on the consular processing areas of the consulate of which are open to the public. The recommendations made by the analyses will then be incorporated into the proposed designs to provide optimal applicant flow.

REGAL's analysts will conduct an unconstrained analysis utilizing supplied processing times, flow diagrams and anticipated applicant demand. The analysis will determine the optimal window allocation and the number of seats that will be required. The goal is to satisfy certain time limits in which the State Department has defined for the application process.

REGAL is excited to be a valued partner to these State Department projects and is looking forward to assisting in the design of more of their facilities.

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