DHS continues support & promotion of REGAL SEST
10/11/10 08:18AM | Category: Evacuation

REGAL continues to broaden their tools of technology with the involvement of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). REGAL's Evacuation Planning Tool (EPT) has become a major driving force behind the NCS4 SportEvac. REGAL was proud to be invited to showcase the REGAL SportEvac Simulation Tool (REGAL SEST) at the DHS "Day on the Hill" which took place on September 29th, 2010. At this venue, members of Congress, Staffers, and other DHS agencies viewed and interacted with REGAL SEST.

DHS has asked REGAL to present REGAL SEST alongside DHS S&T at the upcoming Homeland Security Professionals Conference and Exposition in Las Vegas, Nevada. For additional information about the event, visit the SSI Homeland Security Professionals Conference & Exposition.

REGAL will also be supporting DHS in promoting REGAL SEST at the upcoming Inter-Service/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) conference in Orlando, Florida. REGAL SME's will present alongside DHS personnel at the DHS booth. REGAL will demonstrate the advances that have been made for the U.S. Secret Service's Site Security Planning Tool (SSPT) as well as REGAL SEST and other versions of EPT. For additional information of the event, please visit

REGAL has been in discussion with DHS to support more upcoming events. Information will follow when the dates have been confirmed.

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