REGAL to integrate EPT at NESC training center
10/11/10 08:26AM | Category: EPT

REGAL has been awarded a contract to integrate the Evacuation Planning Tool (EPT) at the National Exercise Simulation Center (NESC). The NESC is a state of the art training and exercise facility. NESC provides an environment to emergency management experts in support of prevention, mitigation, responding, and recovering from a disaster.

To quote from a DHS fact sheet, "The NESC is designed to be a scalable, flexible simulation center to accommodate a wide range of services, including, but not limited to, executive briefings, unique training events, tabletop exercises, and exercise Master Control Cell and National Simulation Cell functions."

The NESC supports the all-hazards preparedness and response mission through:

  • Employing a mix of live, virtual and constructive simulations
  • Providing standardized and sustained exercise and training support
  • Pooling resources to maximizing efficiency


The National Exercise Program (NEP) and Federal Coordination Center (FCC) members are key stakeholders within the NESC. The NESC supports NEP events involving partners from federal, state and local government, nongovernmental organizations and the private sector.

REGAL's task will be to incorporate the Evacuation Planning Tool (EPT) into a Standard Unified Modeling, Mapping, and Integration Toolkit (SUMMIT) program. The SUMMIT is a software toolkit that enables stakeholders, officials, and emergency managers to access integrated suites of modeling tools and data sources for exercises, training, and operational response. The toolkit is designed to assist exercise professionals with utilizing existing models and programs and is the central focus of a DHS-directed Integrated Modeling, Mapping, and Simulation (IMMS) project. The initial version of SUMMIT will be deployed at the NESC, and when fully completed, will support federal, state, and local emergency managers as well as first responders.

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