Meade High expands Homeland Security program
10/11/10 08:27AM | Category: Misc

The GIS Layer System

Meade High School's Homeland Security Signature Program continues to grow and REGAL is proud to be a partner of their successful endeavor. Starting this fall, about 50 students will become the first class in the country and only third in the State of Maryland to take part and study Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Course.

As quoted from their Newsletter, the course will focus on GIS technology which can be employed in a variety of different careers from banking to agriculture to "green" technology. But it is also an integral part of the homeland security and criminal justice landscape. The students will be starting with the Homeland security piece (called SPACE) while waiting for the major part of the software (STARS) to be installed on the computers.

Students who complete the two-year program and pass an end-of-course test can earn national GIS certification, which can open doors to college and career. In addition to geographical skills, students will also develop mathematical skills as geometry plays a huge role in the spatial development segment of the course. This opportunity came to Meade as a result of a grant that originated at the Department of Homeland Security. The grant is offered by the Urban Area Security Initiative, whose purpose is to provide funding in areas that are normally considered sensitive in national security terms. The Homeland Security Signature Lead Teacher Tina Edler, has created website this year, The site includes pages devoted to newsletters, student activities, mission statement, recent newspaper articles, and many other informative parts of the signature program.

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