Planning for Emergency Evacuation at the Republican National Convention
10/01/08 11:13AM | Category: EPT

September 11th and Hurricane Katrina have brought focus on the importance of preparing for and responding to disasters and emergencies. Governments, individuals and companies realize the vital need to plan for emergency evacuation in any given situation. Earlier this year, REGAL was tasked by the security team at the Republican National Convention (RNC) to evaluate readiness and emergency preparation. Their job was to simulate the estimated 16,000 people expected to attend the event to determine the time required to evacuate the entire venue, calculate queue lengths and to identify congestion areas under a variety of circumstances and threat scenarios.

Numerous evacuation scenarios were simulated for the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota using REGAL'S Evacuation Planning Tool (EPT 1.0). The results of these analyses were applied directly to the deployment of emergency and security resources. The RNC was the first “live” test of the software’s capabilities, which were developed to conduct evacuation analyses for buildings, stadiums and venues under a wide range of conditions.

The evacuation information computed by EPT is invaluable for individuals required to plan for and make real-time decisions in emergency situations. Simulation modeling of various evacuation scenarios provides in depth impact analyses prior to an incident, providing training capabilities, a resource decision tool and visual representations for crisis management support before implementation is required. By simulating the evacuation of 16,000 individuals, REGAL'S EPT software provided insight into the best course of emergency response actions, eliminating guesswork and chance.

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