New Focus on Outbound Border Security
01/05/11 08:34AM | Category: Borders

For years, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) inspections at land ports of entry (LPOE) have primarily focused on securing the border from the illegal entry of persons or goods into the United States. However, there has recently been a dramatic increase in crime along the U.S./Mexico border fueled by drug cartel violence and the smuggling of weapons as well as large amounts of cash from the U.S. into Mexico along the southern border. This spike has compelled CBP to place a stronger focus on the use of privately owned vehicles (POV) to smuggle illegal exports of firearms, ammunition, and monetary instruments out of the U.S. and into the Republic of Mexico.

This new focus will require additional infrastructure, staffing, and inspection technology implementations on the outbound roadways leaving the U.S. The level of renovation that CBP intends to perform on specific LPOE outbound programs will be determined based on traffic volume and available space for expansion. Mobile units will be placed at locations with limited construction expansion and low traffic volumes, where as facilities with higher traffic volume but limited growth space will demand a more permanent inspection facility and require minor port configuration and operational adjustments. For outbound traffic locations with both ample space and high traffic volumes, an expanded and fully functional inspection facility will be warrant full implementation.

As a precursor to the undertaking, CBP and General Services Administration (GSA) have requested that REGAL evaluate the outbound inspection infrastructure capacities and practices at 20 existing LPOE facilities to determine what improvements are necessary to adequately handle the outbound traffic volumes. REGAL's BorderWizard software will be used to analyze a proposed port renovation plan to determine the port capabilities and identify possible flaws in the proposed design. BorderWizard provides the unique ability to define the physical layout and operating characteristics of any existing or proposed LPOE, simulate its operation, and analyze its performance under varying conditions. This analysis will assist CBP and GSA to identify any potential deficiencies in capacity and traffic flow before beginning port renovations.

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