EPT demonstrated alongside DHS at I/ITSEC 2010
01/05/11 08:58AM | Category: EPT

This past December, REGAL was honored to showcase the Evacuation Planning Tool (EPT) and the REGAL-SportEvac Simulation Tool (R-SEST) alongside the Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology at the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) in Orlando. I/ITSEC is the largest Modeling, Simulation and Training Conference in the world. Initiated in 1966 as the Naval Training Device Center/Industry Conference, it has evolved and grown through increased participation by other entities and agencies. I/ITSEC has a sole purpose to bring together and promote cooperation between the Armed Services, Government Agencies, and Academic institutions all with the purpose of improving training and education programs as well as identification of training issues and the development of multiservice programs.

This yearly event is hosted by the National Training and Simulation Association (NTSA), which is an affiliate of the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA). The NTSA is a non-profit corporation that "promotes the growth and use of modeling and simulation technologies through a wide variety of activities, including scholarships and certification programs, sponsorship of extensive research, and annual events such as the recently-concluded Congressional Modeling and Simulation Expo."

The I/ITSEC conference itself has grown exponentially and "now attracts well over 500 corporations, government and research organizations from the United States and from over 60 countries around the globe. Over one hundred research and scientific papers are presented and discussed, making I/ITSEC not only the world’s largest exhibition of modeling and simulation technology, but also the world's most important annual focal point for advancement of these technologies." REGAL was proud to take part in the conference and is committed to further development and research of technologies to be used by directors, emergency managers and first responders. For more information on the I/ITSEC conference, please visit

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