REGAL to support HNTB subway study
01/05/11 09:10AM | Category: EPT

REGAL has recently been involved with assisting emergency managers, stakeholders, and first responders of critical infrastructure and the surrounding areas with the preparation and planning for natural and manmade disasters. REGAL is also pleased to announce they are supporting HNTB Architectural firm with evaluating the impact of emergency situations and pedestrian flow inside two busy subway stations.

REGAL will assist with conducting detailed analyses through modeling and simulation of the subway stations. The analysis will study the impact on pedestrian flow during an emergency situation and will replicate pedestrian movement in and around the station so stakeholders may evaluate the consequences of a variety of "what-if" scenarios. REGAL will utilize the Evacuation Planning Tool (EPT) to accurately represent pedestrian movement through the station and around barriers, as well as uni-directional and bi-directional flow and interactions between groups of individuals. The tool will also realistically model the effect of cross streams of pedestrian flow and pedestrians in the model from uni-directional pathways inside dense crowds with heavy cross traffic.

To assist in identifying bottlenecks and congestion, REGAL will also model additional emergency scenarios such as station fires, explosives and natural disasters. A key objective of this analysis it to provide recommendations that reduce the time taken to egress the stations in case of an emergency. REGAL will assist HNTB to support the development of alternatives as well as concept designs, and will also test and verify each alternative through modeling and simulation.

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