Follow-On Support for M&T Bank Stadium
04/30/12 11:48AM | Category: Evacuation

Through a Homeland Security Pilot Program, the REGAL Evac simulation tool was used to provide an emergency planning and preparedness study for the Baltimore Ravens and the Maryland Stadium Authority (MSA).

REGAL Evac utilizes a 3D model of the stadium populated at full capacity, and executes simulations to test that specific emergency scenarios have been appropriately planned for. With great feedback from senior leadership, the studies proved to be invaluable. REGAL has been in discussions with the Ravens for additional services and are excited to announce that we have been contracted by the team to perform these services.

With this contract in place, REGAL’s initial task will be to perform an analysis on the current security screening process at M&T Bank Stadium. Towards the end of the last NFL season, the NFL released a mandate to enhance security screening procedures prior to admission to the stadium. Utilizing REGAL Evac, the study will enable the Ravens and the MSA to optimize the current screening process, define the total number of staff members and screening stations required to minimize wait times, and to offer operational recommendations as well as develop best practices for the league.

REGAL is very proud to continue the support of the Ravens and the MSA.

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