REGAL Helps Grand Prix of America at Port Imperial with Evacuation Planning
09/06/12 02:27PM | Category: Evacuation, Press Release

Baltimore, MD, September 5, 2012 – REGAL Decision Systems has added another client to its growing list of sporting venues that utilize the REGAL Evac computer model to simulate spectator movement, ingress/egress flow, and crowd evacuation. The Grand Prix of America at Port Imperial will use REGAL’s software and consulting services to support its inaugural race planned for the summer of 2014 on a 3.2-mile circuit in Weehawken and the city of West New York, NJ. The world's top drivers will pilot the fastest, most high-tech race cars on the streets of New Jersey when the Grand Prix of America at Port Imperial joins the FIA Formula One World Championship. Positioned across the Hudson River from mid-town Manhattan, the race will be set against the stunning backdrop of the New York City Skyline.

The REGAL Evac simulation tool, developed in a partnership with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), simulates evacuation plans and patron movement for any stadium, arena, school, or sporting complex. The software executes simulations based upon unique threat scenarios by utilizing validated algorithms for processing crowd behavior. It produces results in the form of 3D animation and statistical reports that REGAL and its clients evaluate to maximize patron safety and comfort. REGAL Evac has been used to support dozens of high-profile sports teams and venues, including The Baltimore Ravens, Washington Redskins, New York Giants, and Indianapolis 500. It has also been used for evacuation planning at such events as the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, and in support of the U.S. Border Patrol and the Transportation Security Administration.

“Safety is the number one concern, of course, but we also want to maximize our spectators’ experience and comfort,” said Rich Aschenbach, director of public safety for Grand Prix of America at Port Imperial. “I knew REGAL could deliver all of that because I worked extensively with them at the Meadowlands MetLife Stadium on behalf of the New Jersey State Police.”

Joe Borkoski, Jr., president of REGAL Decision Systems, added: “It’s really fulfilling to think that a small company in Baltimore can have such a positive impact on keeping people safe all around the U.S., and the Grand Prix folks have been a real pleasure to work with. I can’t wait for the race!”

The Grand Prix of America will be held on a Hermann Tilke-designed 3.2-mile (5.1 km) circuit (The Port Imperial Street Circuit) along and above the banks of the Hudson River on public streets overlooking the NYC skyline.

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