The Future of Homeland Security
12/01/08 10:06AM | Category: Evacuation

Since September 11, America has made great progress towards protecting the American people, its critical infrastructures and key resources. Vital to that effort is the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which employs over 128,000 workers in a variety of fields. Not surprisingly, many young people are looking towards careers in Homeland Security, which include researching and developing the latest security technologies, analyzing intelligence reports, coordinating the nation's emergency response and helping to secure our country's borders, airports and seaports.

Accordingly, Meade High School in Anne Arundel County, Maryland created a Homeland Security Signature Program, which includes specially designated English, Science and History classes with an emphasis on Homeland Security in the curriculum. Over 90 students are enrolled in the Homeland Security program this fall, utilizing real-world curricula and activities. REGAL has teamed up with Meade High School to develop a Crisis Evacuation Planning course that uses simulation-modeling tools to analyze threat scenarios and establish successful evacuation plans. REGAL's cutting-edge technology in simulation modeling produces accurate and viable plans that work in real-life emergency situations, helping the students understand emergency response tactics and prepare for future careers.

Students may have the opportunity in the future to begin earning college credits while enrolled in the Homeland Security Signature Program. It may be possible to accumulate some credits needed for an associate's degree in Homeland Security at Anne Arundel Community College. Through this program, REGAL's tools and expertise are helping to teach and inspire the minds of young people who someday hope to share the responsibility of protecting our country.

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