REGAL Supports Ripken Baseball and the Aberdeen First Responder Community with a Table Top Exercise
04/29/13 11:39AM | Category: Evacuation

Aberdeen, MD, April 29, 2013 – With threats such as natural disasters and man-made assaults constantly looming, the need for emergency response preparedness and training is at an all-time high.  This is especially true for sporting events and other planned gatherings of any size, as these have historically been common targets for attack, as seen most recently with the tragedy at the Boston Marathon.

With that in mind, the agencies responsible for providing public safety and protection are seeking to leverage new technologies that can assist with this effort by improving inter-agency communications and enhancing the planning and training process.  REGAL was recently asked to do just that using the REGAL EVAC simulation tool to support the Ripken Stadium Public Safety Tabletop Exercise.

On April 17, 2013, the Harford County Emergency Operations Center and Aberdeen Police Department hosted the table top exercise with representatives from Ripken Stadium and every facet of the local emergency responder community.  The exercise was focused around the REGAL EVAC visualizations of several pre-defined evacuation scenarios which provoked conversations between all of the involved parties to determine the appropriate unified response.  Such conversations included the importance of establishing of a command structure, maintaining open lines of communication, and many other details crucial to successfully neutralizing any threat that may be presented.  The REGAL team played a key role in this tabletop exercise and will continue to do so throughout the emergency response plan development, training, and implementation.

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