Smart, Safe and Efficient Borders
12/01/08 11:40AM | Category: Borders

With over 150,000 passenger vehicles crossing the U.S./Canada border each day and nearly $2 billion in cross-border trade daily, it is essential for the United States and Canada to create and maintain secure and efficient borders. Over the past few years, REGAL has taken an active role in working with the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) to address the issues of border operations and security.

In 2005, REGAL began working with the CBSA to evaluate the design parameters of land stations along the Canadian border. That year, REGAL created and delivered version 1.0 of their CanSim software, which uses simulation technology to analyze vehicle and pedestrian traffic flows and port operations at existing or proposed border crossings. Additionally, CBSA has contracted REGAL to visit the border inspection facilities, perform on-site data collection trips to record actual port processing data and create baseline experiments. These trips ensure that the processing data used in CanSim analyses is accurate thus producing more dependable results.

In 2007, REGAL made significant upgrades to the CanSim software and released version 2.0. These improvements allow for more flexible routing and modeling, increasing the software's capabilities and resulting in a more user-friendly tool. CanSim version 2.0 now allows CBSA to determine adequate staffing levels at existing border stations for optimal efficiency. Analysts can also use the software to apply the collected processing data to proposed designs to test the capabilities of future port layouts for efficiency in the inspection process before any construction begins.

Today, REGAL is continuing the data collection effort to gather more up-to-date processing data and create new baseline experiments. These baseline experiments will be used to ensure the continued proper functionality of the CanSim software and to validate the collected data for use in future analyses. REGAL's simulation tools make it possible to analyze existing structures as well as simulate proposed layouts for future creation. Their goal with CanSim is to provide CBSA with accurate dependable results to improve system efficiency and operating productivity along the Canadian border.

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