The Future of Airport Security
12/01/08 11:44AM | Category: Airports

Each day, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screens thousands of passengers and luggage at airports around the country to ensure traveler safety. TSA quickly realized the need for a tool to help determine staffing requirements at airport checkpoints for screening passengers and baggage while minimizing queues and other inconveniences to the traveling public. In 2003, REGAL developed the TSA Staffing Model to do just that. Over the past five years, REGAL has continued to work with TSA with a shared goal of assisting airport management with operation decisions and planning initiatives.

As technology becomes more advanced and REGAL continues to create new simulation modeling tools, they hope to expand this security checkpoint work to encompass the entire airport facility. Using REGAL's simulation expertise, TSA would be able to analyze passenger and baggage movement through airports from terminal entry, through ticketing, to security checkpoints, and finally onto departing planes. REGAL's simulation tool would implement observed pedestrian behavior and operational data to simulate passenger and baggage inspection configurations, processing times and pedestrian flows throughout the airport, returning information on staffing requirements and counter utilization. More importantly, perhaps, the software would provide the capability to change data and terminal configurations to analyze "what-if" scenarios. This tool would enable analysts to observe and quantify the effect of changes before implementing them.

REGAL remains committed to improving security operations at airports around the country. They have the tools to assist with configuration design, staffing levels, and "what-if" type analyses to identify system flaws before they become operational. With continually increasing security needs and advancing technology, only time will tell what the airport checkpoints of the future will look like.

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